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Bloodraven: Greek God of Sleep

Simply put…

There are an overwhelming number of similarities between Bloodraven and Hypnos, the Greek god of sleep.

Investigating these similarities leads to a couple of interesting ideas:

  1. The similarities are intentional, and suggest an homage by Martin to Virgil’s epic Aeneid.

  2. It further incorporates ideas from other Greek epics and myths.

  3. Finally, the idea leads to some very interesting (and perhaps reaching) speculations about future events, including the god of death, demonic possession and incest.

This essay hopes to be a relaxed stroll through these ideas, hoping not to make any specific claims about what’s truthfully happening in A Song of Ice and Fire. Instead I just want to point out the symmetry and speculations, hopefully something that you’ll enjoy thinking about. Continue reading

Influences: With Morning Comes Mistfall

“…Man needs to know.”

“Maybe,” Sanders said. “But is that the only thing man needs? I don’t think so. I think he also needs mystery, and poetry, and romance. I think he needs a few unanswered questions, to make him brood and wonder.”
*   *   *

One of GRRM’s earliest works, With Morning Comes Mistfall was first published in May 1973. It gives us a lot of early insight into the themes and issues that attracted his interest the most.

He seems to be especially concerned with the value of mystery in Mistfall. In particular, he presents a single, thematic conundrum that the reader is left to ponder: Is a mystery sometimes more useful than the truth?

Additionally, the novella introduces a few motifs, symbols and other ideas that can be readily shown to have been transplanted into A Song of Ice and Fire. Continue reading