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A Message from the South: The Location of Robb’s Letter

The Myraham was a fat-bellied southron merchanter up from Oldtown…
…Her captain was a fat-bellied southron merchanter as well…

There exists a strong-but-unconventional possibility regarding the destiny of Robb’s fateful letter, the one which named Jon Snow his heir:

Robb’s letter went with the captain of the Myraham.

It’s likely destination is White Harbor, or perhaps Oldtown.

This idea is generally supported as a “conclusion-by-exclusion”, as the other possible candidates are unreasonable and do not account for the timing of the letter’s introduction, as per my arguments below. Continue reading

I Dream of Ramsay Snow

I would like to regale you with an absurdity. And yet, an absurdity that makes a profound amount of sense.

Jon Snow’s dreams are cryptic visions of events that actually happen to Ramsay Bolton.

Futher, Melisandre’s central prediction about Jon’s death could actually have been about Ramsay.

Can I prove it? Depressingly, no. Can I at least provide an interesting read? I certainly hope so. I hope that some of the things I share herein cause your brain juices to flow. There is certainly something eerie between Jon’s dreams and Ramsay Bolton. Continue reading