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Essays that discuss various objects in A Song of Ice and Fire: such as swords, books, harps, and other portentous MacGuffins, ‘guns’ and red herrings.

The False Sword Lightbringer

…the sword is wrong, and the false light can only lead us deeper into darkness, Sam.

This post is aimed squarely at people who want a thorough examination of Stannis’s sword, purportedly the fabled weapon Lightbringer. I suspect that will likely be first time readers who want some information or clarification.

Note: I’m pretty sure this will be familiar territory for a lot of ardent fans.

The key point I’m making here is this:

Stannis has a false Lightbringer.

More importantly, Melisandre deliberately lied about the sword he has.

This may seem to be a plain observation to some. However, I think it is wise to establish a thorough refutation of Stannis’s sword, as a reference for use in future discussions.

Additionally, I believe that a thorough examination of the circumstances surrounding this false sword allows us to make the following claims as well:

It proves that Melisandre indeed relies on the ‘tricks of alchemists and pyromancers’.

We may have been blind to how she has used her other mundane tricks.

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A Message from the South: The Location of Robb’s Letter

The Myraham was a fat-bellied southron merchanter up from Oldtown…
…Her captain was a fat-bellied southron merchanter as well…

There exists a strong-but-unconventional possibility regarding the destiny of Robb’s fateful letter, the one which named Jon Snow his heir:

Robb’s letter went with the captain of the Myraham.

It’s likely destination is White Harbor, or perhaps Oldtown.

This idea is generally supported as a “conclusion-by-exclusion”, as the other possible candidates are unreasonable and do not account for the timing of the letter’s introduction, as per my arguments below. Continue reading

Who blew the Horn of Joramun?

  • What if there never was an actual, fabled ‘Horn of Winter’, to wake giants from the earth or collapse the Wall?

  • What if there is (was?), and it has already been used?

  • Who would have used it and to what purpose?

I believe there is sufficient evidence in the text to support the argument that the prophesied power of the horn has already been used in the books, right under our noses.

I believe that no such ‘Horn of Winter’ exists, or that if it did or does, it is not relevant.

I believe that the effects of the horn have all been observed, and it is just left to us readers to ascertain what the figurative horn was.

I hope that my arguments and evidence in this essay will entertain and inform you, and leave you ready to draw your own conclusions. Continue reading