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  1. Jude

    D’you have any outside sites linked with this? An FB page for the Mannifestor or something maybe?

    I’d be damned interested in seeing your thoughts on things in the ASoIaF as they come. Particularly I can think of few that could mount as effective a response to this season’s Ep. 9 fiasco than yourself.

  2. Bryan

    Does anyone know why nothing has been added to this collection in a couple years? I know Cantuse had some serious health issues, and I hope this isn’t a sign that his health problems escalated or worse. If anyone knows more or knows how to contact him via email I’d be grateful if you can pass that info along to us. This was by far the best collection of quality theories I’ve come across. Hope all is well.

    1. cantuse Post author

      Thanks for checking Bryan. I’m still here. I don’t write primarily because of my health. But there’s a couple of other reasons.

      Foremost is that I personally am not a fan of creating content just to amass clicks and online recognition. Across a variety of fandoms this tends to happen and to me it poisons the process, people get attached to being internet famous and it changes things. It incentivizes writing about really shoddy ideas, something I don’t need to be any better at. It also incentivizes a less critical relationship with the fans, the creators and the material itself. My attitude has always been to 1) not overstay my welcome and 2) don’t become too entrenched in a community. There’s a quote from Picasso that comes to mind: “When art critics get together they talk about Form and Structure and Meaning. When artists get together they talk about where you can buy cheap turpentine.”

      My point is that as critics and fans, we can become too entrenched in extrapolating meaning far beyond what was perhaps ever intended.

      I dabble in the community but I also keep my distance.

      Martin is a very frustrating writer. His prose is all over the place in terms of quality, but when his prose is great it I rank it among the best writers. His ability write compelling characters, complex in their humanity, coupled with situations and details so realistic they feel like historical fiction-is almost unparalleled. But he’s so goddamn slow at writing the books. Like everyone else, I’m legitimately concerned that we might not get another book, let alone A Dream of Spring. Secondary to that point, without much new content in the last few years its been hard to write the kind of analysis I like to do. Sure there are the WOIAF and Fire and Blood and a few scraps here and there. I do ruminate on them, but I haven’t had much luck stumbling across new ideas.

      So my ‘distancing’ from the community and from Martin, is in effect my way of demonstrating a healthy respect for his work and the community.

      I do have an essay mostly written about the Mountain that I’ve been debating publishing or not for a few months. I think its a bit controversial and ‘rambling’ for most people, its a bit of a pet project and I’m afraid of publishing it if it brings a hammer of righteous indignation on my head.

      I’m also ruminating on writing a few small essays related to Stannis that focus on things that I think have been forgotten by the community and speak to his character. Or a sort of ‘meta’ essay about the process that led to the Night Lamp theory.

      So I’m around. I still check on and dabble with the site. I respond to beetlejuicing on the reddit subs. I just want to contribute something of value.

  3. Guy LaRouche

    Hey Cantuse. I am Alivealive0 on Reddit… I was interested in reading your stuff, bur not sure where to start. Is it as simple as finding volume 1 of the Mannifesto, or do you have a recommended order?

    1. cantuse Post author

      Hey, The best way to read it is to actually click on the ‘The Mannifesto’ title itself. It takes you to the summary of the Mannifesto with a breakdown of the articles and links, everything presented in order. It also ends with enough material that I should have written a final ending essay but never got around to it.

      There’s some newer stuff in the last year or two that isn’t in the mannifesto, but you should be able to find it quickly by scrolling down the main page a few times.

      Everything else is pretty much indexed and either searchable via keywords, or if you want to just wander, look at the links available from the menu. Most people are here though for either my Stannis stuff or my Rhaegar stuff (‘composer of prophecy’).


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