Casual Thoughts: Mance Rayder

I’ve been stuck for a while on some essays. So I decided to start some casual videos to explore some related topics. Here is the first, its about Mance’s ‘true’ mission. This retreads some ground from an earlier essay, but I think this format might reach or more effectively communicate some of those earlier ideas.

This video is hopefully the first of several to tackle small ideas about the north. Hope you like it.

3 thoughts on “Casual Thoughts: Mance Rayder

  1. arakchi

    I’m really digging these videos! I also agree that the Wall is a bunch of unlikely bedfellows. Stannis would rid himself of the Night’s Watch in a second – for him they’re nothing but criminals. Keep in mind Stannis is a southron so his views on the Night’s Watch couldn’t have been more different than the Northerner tradition of honorable guards.

  2. TheEveningSquire

    Thanks for putting up the great video’s. Looking forward to reading or viewing anything else you want to share.

    What strikes me, also after rereading The lost mission of Mance Rayder. is that team Stannis is taking an awfull big chance on Rattlemance not returning from Winterfell. Given Mance’s value, they would want to make sure he return – with at least proof he tried to resque Arya if he fails to extricate her. Did they simply … miscalculate the odds?

    1. cantuse Post author

      This is something I talk about in the next video, which is the fact that Stannis ordered Jon to keep Val close, yet Melisandre never protests when she is released to go find Tormund. It begs the question, “Was Val in on Mance’s mission?”


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