Temporarily out of commission

Just a small alert to the community and anyone who might try to contact me in the near future: I am having brain surgery July 20th, and fully expect to be completely offline for at least two weeks.

The surgery is relatively minor as far as brain surgeries go… only a procedure called a microvascular decompression, designed to treat my ongoing trigeminal neuralgia. It’s just that any time you operate on the brain, healing can be slow.

Feel free to comment as usual, but I won’t be responding for quite some time. Seven blessings and all that.

16 thoughts on “Temporarily out of commission

  1. The Shameful Narcissist

    Best of luck and best of wishes. I gasped aloud when I read this. Brain surgery (regardless of how minor) always conjures up serious connotations. May your recovery be easy and may the results be positive!

  2. varys' swimsuit area

    Gods speed and get well soon. Thanks for all the wonderful essays here.

    And stay away from R’hllor, we don’t need an “un” Cantuse writing your essays going forward……. 😉

  3. She Wolf of Lorien

    Oh my gosh-thanks for letting us know.my thoughts and prayers and very good wishes are with you. I, too, have had some major surgeries the past several years..
    All I want to say is thank you, thank you! for the most thoughtful, insightful and contextually accurate analysis and predictions I have read anywhere! !
    In addition, recovery may seem like FOREVER, but SLOW. and day by day is the answer:-)
    Try to rush, and you just hit the wall. ( and it can feel like The Wall!)
    good luck, thank you, and speedy healing!

  4. radii314

    Always enjoy your comments on r/ASOIAF

    … had brain surgery myself in 2011 – it’s really everyday stuff now, just take all the meds exactly as instructed and no activity for several days (even moving from the bed except to go to the restroom, have someone help you … and the drugs will make you constipated so you’ll need enema for at least that one time – oh joy!) … rest, rest, no sneezing, blowing nose, must keep intercranial pressure down … you’ll probably get some cool staples (must have pics of that)

    Good luck on the surgery and speedy, problem-free recovery

    1. cantuse Post author

      I definitely understand your point about keeping the intracranial pressure down… after I came out of surgery I vomited several times due to nausea. I had no idea the back of my head could hurt that bad.

  5. Bryan

    You’ll be in my prayers and I’m certain the thoughts and prayers of everyone here. Get well and take care knowing that your presence will be missed, and that we all appreciate the hard work that goes into what you do here. We’ve grown accustomed to your face (metaphorically) so to speak. Until then God speed.

  6. Brian

    Best of luck with your surgery, and a speedy recovery. I hope to see you posting soon with good news, and more epic ASOIAF theories.

  7. Rob tickle

    I ‘ve waited till I reached the end of all your essays to comment. And the reason was to see if you incorporated some of the themes and motifs from his earlier work . I know u went over . Mistfall, sandkings,7 times… but specifically a song for Lya

    1. cantuse Post author

      I have a draft essay for Lya that I’ve delayed for almost a year. I’ll get it published eventually. But if you’ve read the novella then you already know about the striking similarities.

      I find the parallels amazing, but generally speaking I believe they are just that: parallels. Preston Jacobs and other writers have published theories that these similarities are clues to deeper mysteries, but I’m not sure I agree. I find them to just be manifestations of Martin’s Thousand Worlds setting in ASOIAF; a sort of meta-textual self-referential exercise. It reminds me greatly of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series.


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